Aneesha Menon


I am Aneesha , currently studying in cochin and part of this amazing NGO called MAD ( Make A Difference) . Finally i think i am doing something worthwhile . All this time all i have been doing is just having a good time and living in this parallel world where i do what i want.

MAD has helped me grow up . i know it doesn't sound very nice ; i mean who likes growing up?! well i thought the same way but trust me once you are with the kids , it just changes you for the better . They have the power that would move you beyond words and just make you feel awesome. They have this positive vibe which instantly gets you charged up and you immediately feel ecstatic .

I don't know about the rest but whenever i am upset or disturbed with something, i think about the kids and instantly i see a smile on my face . There is nothing more rewarding then seeing the kids happy . it's the best feeling in the world when your able to MAD!

In this world when everything is going so fast , people have no time for anything , according to me MAD helps you disconnect and just go to that happy place you have always wanted to go .

Go MAD !

P.S: Go to for more information on MAD :)