Anees Tobaccowala

Houston, TX

I feel that the best description of myself can be taken from one of Steve Jobs' quotes (not that I would put myself in the same league as him). His philosophy has always been to 'put a dent in the universe'. Taking away everything else, it just boils down to that. To do something that would make a positive difference in the world is such a worthwhile pursuit in my opinion.

To make that mission come true, technology is what I will use. To be able to create something that never existed before and have it solve people's problems is a very powerful thought, and incredibly motivating.

The other way I would want to put a 'dent' in the universe is through philantrhopy. I feel that we're all here for a purpose and to do good in this world. It's been my goal for a while now to use the resources available to solve the problem of poverty, hunger, disease in 3rd world countries.

I do have ambitious dreams, but it's far better to aim high and fall short, than to aim low and succeed. I'll keep trying until I do.