Arash Nekouymehr


I was born 1 year after the event that changed the course of history in my motherland which is called Iran.
I’ve become fascinated by the pace of innovation in Technologies and the unprecedented speed at which it is evolving. This fuels my desire to make an impact in this new era of technological development I’ve been an engineer since I found my deep interests in technologies.
I began working while still an undergraduate, and was promoted to a managerial level four years after completing my bachelor’s degree.
Computer and Networking Specialist was my starting position. My professional career turning point started after I join the electronic payment industry 3 years after. In this capacity, I worked over 44 hours per week, tackling problems at every level. These became invaluable learning opportunities, allowing me to work on many projects .These experiences resulted in new areas of interest, including E-Payment systems, Mobile Payment and their related businesses and technologies. This subsequently led to a managerial position in the IT department of Saman Electronic Payment Company (SEP), the pioneer electronic payment provider company in Iran.
I am so proud of being an Iranian .
While the forgoing keeps me occupied professionally, I also enjoy hobbies such as literature, travel, art and outdoor activities. Mentoring and tutoring college and high school students is something I make time for as well 8 hours a week. I take pride in being a caring and responsible member of my family, an upstanding citizen and personable colleague in all my career history.

My main professional acheivments :

* Deep expertise in Payment technologies utilized in infrastructure and consumer equipment including various payment methods based on different business models such as B2Cs, C2Cs, G2Gs, and B2Bs.

* Proven strategic marketing and business development executive with extensive experience building and managing small, large and enterprise related projects.

* Proven commercial and operational effectiveness with exceptional background in product management, product development and new product introduction

* about 15 years of experience in cultivating successful IT projects and e-businesses

* Proven motivator and team builder with excellent communication and written skills.

  • Work
    • Deputy of operation and IT services
  • Education
    • Master of IT Engineering- Electronic Commerce