Anela Garcia

I was born and raised in America, and the oldest of three siblings. I went to Los Angeles to study motion design. After graduating, I stayed in LA to work in the entertainment industry as a motion designer for about 4 years, working on tv show packages, commercials, and trailers before taking a big gamble to live and work in Germany.

During my first two years in Germany, I worked with an agency in Munich that specializes in presentations, event shows, and interactive installations. In other words, I worked with real-time rendering, forcing me to no longer think in terms of a forward timeline, but to make sure the timeline works perfectly in non-linear fashion. This also has forced me to learn a little bit on how to create intuitive interfaces, scripting, and--- strangely enough--- trigonometry. And since the clients are international, I am blessed to do one of the things I love to do the most: travel.

Now I am in a new company within the same city, adding another block on my career as a consultant and project manager. Here I take what I have learned for the last 5 years and guide the client and their company towards generating hot leads and creating a better user experience for their customers in their years to come.

I am an American ex-pat living and working in Munich, Germany where I drink a lot of beer, slowly learn German, and basically live life on the edge with the few things that I have.

Somewhere in my thirties I want to own a motorcycle and learn how to fly.