Aneliese Ramsay

San Francisco, California, United States

I still remember the day I was asked to fill out one of those long career tests that was going to nail my lifelong career path. After filling out the tedious questionnaire, I was given the results... an air traffic controller. Let’s think about these qualities I must have possessed; situation awareness, real time risk assessment, excellent hearing and speech ability, split-second decision making, carry large responsibilities, high level of autonomy, well organized, reliability, quick with mathematical computations, maintain cool under stress, and welcome new challenges. And yes, I have to admit; at the young age of 16 this described me to a tee and still does to this day.
I never became an air traffic controller, but I did find ways to redirect my skills. Working for Innovative Labs, I was literally “thrown into the deep end” and asked to take a product and turn it into something profitable with meaning. I spent countless hours building market demand for an air purification system testing many markets by attending and speaking at a wide variety of conventions as diverse as dental to funeral shows. I wore many hats; handling PR, designing the website, forecasting markets, running trade shows, speaking at scientific conventions, writing and being published in scientific journals, managing the CEO’s travel schedule, and due diligence. Before this position, I knew nothing about air purification, but I loved the challenge and succeeded quickly becoming the youngest, woman speaker at scientific conventions. After Innovative Labs, I moved into Trevi Systems where I ran all the business development and managed the CEO’s finances, business travel (including foreign countries and last minute changes), saved the company $30,000 on trade show expenses by designing a cutting edge booth that received rant reviews, and not only opened but closed a deal with Orange County Water District for a $2 million grant with the Department of Energy.

  • Work
    • Trevi Systems Inc.
  • Education
    • B.S. Business