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heyo!! i'm steph, welcome to my! ☼

actually, this isn't my real byf. this is just a placeholder to avoid spies. if you're interested in following me, please dm me the words "system overload" and i'll link you to my real one! if you want to, include some stuff about yourself! your favorite shows, video games, some hobbies, anything you want!

but if you're lazy like me, here's some general stuff:

- i'm genderfluid, and i go by any pronouns except it/its

- i'm gemini and my birthday is 6.07

- my best girls are nishikino maki & sonoda umi, takami chika & sakurauchi riko, narumi haruka & kunieda shiho

- my main fandoms are bghs, love live, overwatch, kyoukai no kanata, nge, owari no seraph, and danganronpa, but i mainly post about the first three.

- id: Chroma#11835

that's all! thank you ♡