An Enchanted Love.

An Enchanted Love.

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The Chivalrous Knight's Version at (below)

& The Fair Maiden's Version at (below)

This poem was found, restored, and reprinted with its accompanying illustrations. Its two versions have been digitized to preserve them for time to come. Each has its own uniqueness and sentimentality making An Enchanted Love the truly timeless love poem.

To order your very own book of the poem's version desired, please email via the box below for PayPal instructions. At the moment, each copy can be personalized To & From, as they are printed via Apple. Harcopy or softcopy available with size options varying.

At this moment, a version's price ranges from $150 Large Hardcopy to $75 Medium Softcopy (+tax & shipping) A special combo book of both versions of the poem in one book is also but only available upon special request.

Thank you very much & Looking forward to hearing from you.