Anesah Pyatt


Well first off as you can see above my name is Anesah Pyatt. I am 22 years old and was born and raised in the city of Chester, PA. In Chester there's only one High School that I attended for one year. After that 1 year I transferred to a Home School that goes by the name of Echos Academy. Echos was very small and only obtained 12 High School seniors. The curriculum was hard at times but got easier with a lot of studying. Once I completed my 3 years at Echos it was time to figure where I wanted to attend college. I had looked into a few schools and only one really caught my attention; and that was Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA. I was set on my decesion and no one could change it. But there were some things I had to think about distance, Finances, Transportation, and most of FAMILY. So then I started to look into more colleges and none of them obtained my major so I started to give up until one day I received a later from DeVry University Fort Washington Camplus. It wasn't Morris Brown but I liked it. They had my major, apartments not dorms and it was close enough to my family. I've attended Hello, My name Anesah Pyatt I have been attending DeVry Univeristy for three years now; while attending I received my Associate's Degree in Web Graphic Design. Though I really didn't feel like I accomplished enough so I returned to received my Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design and Development. I plan to be complete by December of 2014. Those few years in college were some of the hardest but I made my way through the storm. From staying up late to complete projects, to team projects and even just be there for my friends in their time of need with homework. But I will tell you this college is most definitely the best place to be when you plan on making it big in this world.

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    • DeVry Univerity Fort Washington PA
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    • Associate's Degree