Anesu Mubaiwa

Growing up around advertising, and being influenced by graphic designers at her father's Outdoor Media/Advertising company, she always knew what she wanted to be. When the time came to pick and choose her major during her college years there was no question. At a young age, Anesu loved to draw and she loved art & craft classes from kindergarten all the way through to high school. Both her and her parents knew that creativity was one of her strengths. Her parents enrolled her in extracurricular art classes to develop her creativity and artistic strengths and to mold her into a young artist and designer. When the time came for Anesu to pick an institution that would be able to cater to her career needs, she applied to the Columbus College of Art and Design where she pursued her dream of becoming a graphic designer. Anesu is currently involved in The Downtowner's Campus Ministries and volunteers at Betlehem on Broad Street Congregational Church every winter, giving back to those less fortunate. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, designing, traveling, dining out, and swimming during the warm months of the year. She aspires to be a creative, successful, eager, and driven young woman.