Aneta Zarubova

I'm Aneta. I've spent most of my life in the beautiful Czech Republic in the heart of Europe. But I have also lived in Paris, France and spent 4 years in sunny Brisbane on the east coast of Australia. These two experiences changed my life and enriched me with two useful languages. I have a Bachelor of Journalism, Communications and French from the University of Queensland and I guess my big passion is writing, although I know it will be years before I am taken seriously in that factor..I'll be day. One thing I enjoy the most is to travel and then write about it. I am a freelance journalist and wrote couple of articles for Cosmopolitan, MF Dnes, Priroda and Golf and Style magazine. I have been working in golf journalism for 3 years and write regular columns for Nowadays, I continue with my distant studies, Masters degree in PR and Professional Communications at La Salle University in Philadelphia, I will be graduating in March 2013. I am working as Junior Copywriter at Young and Rubicam Prague and I really enjoy this work. I can paint, build art installations and create a stir..but that appears to be a phase I drop in and out of. I am also a passionate golfer, play tennis, go swimming and love to go for a run. I enjoy reading a lot, it is like a new world for me to understand someone's ideas and I admire nature, I think we should stop searching for aliens in the space and start to look around ourselves, there are beautiful, strange and diverse creatures all around us. I was fortunate to travel to magnificent places and plan to see much more either under or above water. But honestly there is so many things I love to do and this box is too short for it.