Anette Scheimann

Anette Lise was born in 1950 (Denmark) to Kai and Norma Larsen, being the second oldest with two brothers and two sisters. She grew up in and spent most of her life in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Anette was revered as a stunningly beautiful, blond, blue-eyed child; mischievous, adventurous, energetic, curious and perhaps even naughty; always talking and questioning but never keeping still for a minute. She never lost those qualities as she grew into a beautiful young woman, both on the outside and inside.

To her siblings, she was a hero; someone to look up to and admire in amazement as she ventured forth into the world, never afraid to try things she wanted to accomplish. She loved to travel and chose work in the travel industry so she could live out her dream. As a young woman, she set off to tour and work in Europe, her favourite place.

With her adventurous spirit, it took a while for Anette to settle down. When she did, she chose a wonderful husband, Robert (1952-1995) and they became perfect partners for each other, with Robert an ideal father for their two sons, Marc (1986-) and Daniel (1988-2011).

In 1995 Anette lost her dear husband. Anette, still a very eligible woman never sought another husband, instead dedicating her time, energy and love to bringing up her young boys. Considering education and what was best for her sons, the family emigrated to Denmark, settling in a small town called Birkerød in 2005.

After a difficult 2-year battle with ovarian cancer, Anette died in 2011, leaving a great void in many lives. She is buried in Vestre Kirkegård in Copenhagen, Denmark.