Anette Rosvall


I am a writer and designer with focus on food & wine. In autum 2015 my 11´th book is released on the swedish market.

Sometimes I work with my friend Emma, we call ourselves "The Housewifes" – we are two happy eaters. Moms that share the same culinary inspiration. And sometimes I work in other constallations.

My corebuisiness is to create cookerybooks in which the goal is to inspire people to cook, eat and use our recipes for a greater everyday joy. The books are the result of countless wonderful snacks and dinners which we have enjoyed alone, with friends or with our families.

When I write about food and wine in diffrent medias I have the same goal. To inspire people to learn more, to be intrested in what the eat, drink and how that ended up on your plate or in your glass. You can find links to most of my work below.


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