Moshe Levis

7083 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90046

As a young lad growing up in Israel, I loved art. From the first day I could hold a piece of chalk, I was outside in the hot Tel Aviv sun, drawing everything in my imagination onto my parent's driveway. As I matured, I traded the chalk for pencil, charcoal, pastel and paint. Eventually, my love for art and design blossomed and I studied art history and fine arts at school, honing my talents as an artist.

I first encountered Adobe Photoshop when I was in high-school at the tender age of 16. Photoshop opened up a whole new world for me. No longer was I restricted to the initial look of an image, or the initial exposure of a photo. Now I was able to bend existing works to my will, improving them, distorting them, and changing them in unimaginable ways. A huge door had just opened in my life as an artist and I ran through it as fast as I could.

Photoshop became something of a passion of mine. While it is a complex tool, it gave me abilities I'd never had as an artist. While there were other drawing programs available on the market, none gave me the amount of control that I could have with photoshop.

Now I'm teaching Photoshop so you discover it's wonders!

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    • A New Cloud
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    • E.P.S - Graphic Design College - Israel