Verizon Pedometer

Love my new pedometer verizon.It is fun and easy to use, and I enjoy the new addition of miles walked andstairs climbed from my old verizon can understand why people have lost thisone, though, because the clip is not as tight as my last one, the fitbit zip,which never fell off my belt.

I wear my Fitbit every day. My friend also has one and weare accountability buddies. She lives about 300 miles away and even thought we'd love to get together for walks we can not, so we use are Fitbit dailyresults to help motivate and keep each other accountable.

My favorite thing is the sleep tracker - it's actually thething that made me decide to get the Fitbit at all. I really hate thatcommercial.

I was pleasantly surprised at how small this device is andhow easy it is to hide. I prefer not everyone knows I have one or have to wearsomething on my wrist all the time.

I loved how easy and quick it is to set up.

I would have given this five stars, but the calorie counterdoesn't always work. I will use the Myfitnesspal app as suggested in anotherreview so it is doable.loved it at first ... then failed to sync ... whichapparently is a common problem ... we also ordered the scale but couldn't evenget it to turn on ... which is also a common problem ... became very frustratedtrying to fix this common problem ... I don't have this kind of time!!! Wouldnot suggest this product at all.

I love my Fitbit One!!! I have never been so motivated toget moving. I find myself going up stairs more often, taking the long way aroundwhen walking somewhere and I even spent one night pacing the room whilewatching netflix to get my steps in instead of sitting on the couch.

Love my verizon One. Had a Garmin Forerunner 15 that trackedsteps just fine as well as running but it's not worth giving up my Gshock for. Inever miss my 10,000 steps a day mark because I have this little guy keepingtrack for me.

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