Anew Lio


我來自澳門,目前從事Digital Marketing的工作。曾在台灣及倫敦進修,主要是有關媒體的課程。喜歡一個人的活動,例如看電影、看書、游泳以及寫無聊日記;雖然喜歡單人活動,但我不習慣孤單,希望有人陪伴、分享生活瑣碎事。一年會去幾次旅行,為的是脫離常軌、或與朋友們放聲大笑。

I am from Macau, nice to have you looking at this line.. My progressional background is media and my current job is about Digital Marketing. After spending 4 years in Taipei and 1 year in London for my study, I fall in love with these two cities so so much… I like activities that I can do alone, such as reading books, watching movies, swimming & writing diary; however, I don’t really enjoy being alone. Sharing happiness & trivial living stuff with my friends can always make me happy =)

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