Answer For Dignity

Answer For Dignity

ANSWER FOR DIGNITY is a Community Non-Profits Organization in KENYA Eastern Africa, Supporting EDUCATION Projects for the; Disadvantaged Orphans, Marginalized Widows, and Street Children through Volunteer Networking.

ANFORD has Support Assistance Programs on; Feeding, Clothing, Education, Teaching Empowerment Activities and Free Medical Camps; done through the help of Volunteers.

ANFORD Also receives Volunteers who comes in Kenya and you’re therefore invited to link ANFORD to have a great Supply of Volunteers to uplift the Communities through Charity and other Support. ANFORD reach Poorest People at the Grassroots, All are invited irrespective of burier and belief.

ANFORD Support Projects Volunteering and would love to connect so that we can reach the more Communities. Would you like to help other less fortunate than yourselves?

Join to work with Children in Schools and Orphanages. It will be a Life Changing Experience. Sincerely let’s secure a better future for the disadvantaged community.