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Hello, I’m See Han. A happy go lucky girl born on 17July 1995. ^^


My friends find me crazy and perhaps manly but strangers view me as a strict looking girl. People who know me may appreciate my independence and trustworthiness. Numerous time, my friends told me that I’m the “sister” or “mother” of them. Perhaps sometimes I am being quiet reliable but not when it comes to directions. I am seriously a person with poor sense of direction. I view myself sensitive, emotional and family-orientated. I believe every single thing given to me is special. I am who I am and I appreciate everything inside me. You are welcome to join my journey of life. ^^

~~What is important to me~~

[My family]

Nothing is more important than those who give birth to you, look after you, stand for you and love you. My parents, sisters, brother and my lovely pets, they mean everything to me. They are my mental support for my ambition and life. I love my family. ^^

[My friends]

It’s my pleasure to get to know any of them. Friends support you, encourage you, understand you and need you. In this universe, there are lots of people. You meet your friends and every of them meant. Thanks for being there for me. ^^

[Happy life]

Pleased of everything you have and appreciate them. Be happy all the time. Life is not always smooth, it’s all about how you see it. If you want to be happy, no one can stop you. I am glad with everything I have and I am happy. ^^

~~How to support me~~

Smile to me. Friends, you don’t have to talk to me every time you see me. A bright smile will do as I like to see people smile. It will make my day happy and even yours. ^^

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    • Universiti Putra Malaysia