Angad Arneja

Director, Software Engineer, and Psychologist in Melbourne, Australia

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Angad designs and delivers powerful programs for corporate clients that shift cultures, improve results, and change the future.

He specialises in creating and customising programs that meet the needs of clients.

He is passionate about inspiring society through engagements in arts, sports and fashion events and supporting organisations to have workplace cultures and student body run colleges that embrace creativity, sensitivity and are inspirational.

He is the volunteer for society while also focusing on social requirements of the needy.

Angad is a specialist in strategically engaging the creative bodies, companies and events on sustainability and social change.

He has worked consultant for initiatives that support the arts, music events, child welfare, public health and particularly creative entrepreneurship.

Angad is the member of Liberal Party of Australia.

Angad is a Co-founder of FOS, a creative entrepreneurship and social Integrated Communication firm helping startups realise business potential and engagements.

Angad's consulting services cover all aspects of digital marketing: SEO, Social Media, Email, and more..

Creating a digital strategy involves a lot of elements, including understanding your competitive landscape and exactly who your target demographic is.

A team of expert marketing strategists ready to do the hard work of putting together a long-term marketing plan that will grow business.

Angad knows what it takes to grow his business’ online presence. The dedication to online marketing has consistently brought our clients a much higher return on their investment.

In the mean time he loves Volleyball, Badminton, reading new cases on brand developments and participating in music, sports and fashion events and also plays guitar and is a musician and artist.

  • Education
    • Baru Sahib
    • Swinburne University of Technology