Angam Chahong

Social Media Manager, Personal Trainer, and Director in Manipur, India

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My name is Angam G. Chahong. I was born in a poor family and was raise in a nominal Christian family, at an extreme remote corner in a village ( Ukhrul District), I grew up in this small village until my parents sent me away to Imphal, capital of Manipur, for my studies.

I lived with the philosophy of good work and good life. Believing that, if I do good things and live a good life, God will favor me; in another word He will give me Salvation. However, as I grow up, gradually I got attach with the worldly things. Though I was not extremely a bad person, I realized that I have done so many bad things and sinned against God's will, and also to my fellow man. Gradually God's Spirit convicted me and helped me to understand that I was wrong. I have learned and understand by the work of the Spirit and through the study of God's Word (Holy Bible), that there is no such thing as small sin and big Sin in God's eye. Sin is sin for Him, an act to be judged and condemned.

My conscience and understand was changed after my water baptism at MBC. I did not fully understand what I believed. My salvation experience was not a onetime event; rather it was gradual process of growing, as my knowledge and relation grows with Jesus, who is my Savior and my lord, the complete author of my life. I was a sinner but now I am a new creature, save by Christ's blood and Grace. Matthew 11:28-30 has spoken me at one time when I need God desperately.

I know I have fallen so many times during my journey even today, and I know I have so many weaknesses and I am prone to fall. But one thing I know is that, there is nothing greater than God's Love and His Forgiveness as Romans 8:38-39 says, "For I am persuaded that neither life nor death nor angels nor principalities nor powers, not heights not depth nor any other created things can separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Christ has paid the price on the cross; He has victory over death by rising from the grave on the third day, there is no power greater than Him.

By His Grace and His Love, He helped me to understand His Word as I study them. The Bible taught me to trust and lean on God's power. I started my real journey of church life and my spiritual life.

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    • Master in Philosophy, Religion and Theology, Doctorate in Divinity