Angay Chandrasekar

Software Engineer, Dancer, and Public Speaker in Pasadena, California

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Wel this is Angay, Angayarkanni- Team Lead at Accenture for > 10 yrs but definitely not an IT lover. An ordinary lil girl wid a lot of hopes n interest. I smehow managed to become a Wanted Personality in School n College. I nevr evr wanted to be addressed as a "Book Worm" n I lived up to it :P I have always wanted to explore the other non clichéd paths. I started my Choreography @ the age of 12 n now I am the dance lead for Accenture, Chennai balancing it efficiently wid the normal 9 hour demanding IT work. I am trained in Indian Classical Dance, Kathak. N it never stopped ther, it continues wid many a stage performances n TV shows. N I guess acting was in love wid me n it lured me into a non-typical role accidentally, which is why I won the "State Award in Acting(2000)" RJing was not that difficult, I realized that when I gav my first audition n now I am a Senior RJ and a mentor. May b my oratorical skills @ school n college helped me get out of my fear for*oops* Never have I had that wid Microphones evr. I get a chance to interview famous personalities from diff fields. But wat thrills me most is ven dey treat me wid respect n love to be in touch wid me. Being a Voice Artiste, getting busy wid Promos n Ads, Short films n Jingles is abs fun. Appreciation n praise is indeed gratifying n it actually took me to the next level, to be honored as a judge & chief guest in many events(even to Kilpauk Medical College), I sit n wonder if I really deserve to be put up on a pedestal, but all I can do is thank Almighty for evrythng n rush to the next event. I knw it was a lil embarrassing to sit wid kids n learn to play Drums n Guitar. I thought all I could do was just imagine myself hitting Bass & Cymbal, Snare & Hi-Hat. But nt bad, in 2 yrs of time I movd to a Higher Grade wid Drums. Never can I forget the enthusiasm the kids had n how they enjoyed my company :P Wat more can pamper u better than ur mother tongue, I started writin my stupid poems @ the age of 14 n nevr had I thought dat people would call me n mail me asking to write for their banners n placards for social cause. Reading News is not as easy as it seems on TV. I realized dis when I stepped into NDTV-Hindu for News Anchoring. But I would say an EXTEMPORE is more my cup of tea. When all this goes part time, do u really think I do hav some personal tasks? Yes, My Mind Voice Pings me n says "Hey 24X7 is more than enough to just live ur LIFE" Guess I am Living it!!