Dancer, Teacher, and Art Director in Buea, Cameroon

When I was 10 years old I won the award for the most quiet student in my music summer camp. This should tell you a little bit about me.Some people say I'm shy, others say I'm timid, most say I'm calm.That's what they think until they see me dance.

When I dance I am the ruler:- The dance steps are my subjects,the music is my constitution,and the lyrics are my ministers.I am a dictator because "I am the dance"So many people think dance is just a hobby,that it's just part-time,this is because they don't understand.Look at dance the way I do and you'll change the world.

I hold a degree in Political Science,and now I'm writing my Higher National Diploma in marketing.I am a dancer, choreographer, teacher and actress. Forgetthe labels - I AM AN ARTIST.

My goal is to help fight for human rights through the diverse use of art. Use every day actions and cultures to help people find their voices,and fight to maintain them and let them shine.

I am Ange and I am changing the world one dance step at a timebecause "I am the dance"