Ecel Ang-Santos

Bibliophile and Wanderlusting in Singapore

Ecel Ang-Santos

Bibliophile and Wanderlusting in Singapore

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Research Coordinator at National Cancer Centre Singapore

Proud daughter of the Royal & Pontifical University of Santo Tomas

Former Chief Medical Technologist at Las Pinas City Medical Center

Traveling is an ultimate breather, next to trying out diversed cuisines in local markets, feasting over one tasty morsel at a time.

Will definitely circumnavigate the rest of planet Earth before my peaceful demise, pinky swear! For now, exploring city per city as long as my travel fund permits.

Blood-borne writer but still pretty much unaccomplished in writing. When I grow up I would love to be a travel show host and a culinary writer!

A self-proclaimed blogger and has mastery in balderdash.

Caffeine is the only substance I am addicted to. Coffee springs life in my world.

Brat since birth, a daddy's sweetheart, a monster shopper, an impulsive buyer.

Certified shoe slut. Mention "shoes" then we could squander the day conversing.

Music equals lifestyle. Reading chains up my DNA and I breathe books. If I'm lost and you can't find me, check out the local library, I might have died amongst the pile of historical fictions or classics.

Professional late riser (so-not-a-morning-person).

The one and the only LEGAL Mrs. Edmond Alvin F. Santos!