Angel Butler


Who I am
I am a happily married woman and mom of 6 lovely rascals.

What I do
I spend my days baking, trying out new recipes, inventing recipes, and keeping up with all that goes into running a little household.
A couple years ago I decided to try my hand at working with fondant and decorating cakes. I now do this as a side hobby/business.

Where I've been
My parents were Humanitarian Aid workers/missionaries, so I grew up traveling a lot. My earliest memories are of a small apartment in Mumbai, India; Sundays at a salt water pool by the sea; Chinese soup at a favorite restaurant; visiting orphanages, singing for the children and passing out gifts.

Later memories involve caravaning around Europe, another venture to India, this time New Dehli, always meeting new people and making new friends and along the way doing whatever we could to brighten someone's day through a kind word, a glass of cold water, a meal, some new clothes, or just a listening ear.
I had an idyllic childhood and enjoyed every minute of it. With all that traveling one might wonder if we had time to study. We sure did. We had regular school hours, like any other child, just we did it at home. My mom was our principle teacher, but we had a very extended range of education which came from the many cultures we came in contact with.

As I grew older, my travels continued. I spent time in Florida, USA, helping at Give Kids The World and at a shelter for veterans; Lithuania, where I spent 4 years helping out at Mission Litauen, who worked with the local social services to bring supplies to a host of Orphanages and poverty stricken housing areas; Paraguay, where along with my husband and our first children, we joined his mother and her projects; this then moved to Brazil, and while there we made weekly visits to the Pediatric ward of the main hospital, entertaining the children with songs and stories, and opened large property-turned-mini farm to different children centers in the city where the little ones could come and enjoy the great outdoors.

All in all, I have lived in over ten countries, spanning four continents, by the time I was 27.

I have since returned to my home country of Switzerland, and am now leading a more settled life. Having 6 kids will do that to you. But I still feel the impulse every once in awhile to pick up and go off somewhere. Now we call it holidays. :-)

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    • cake decorating
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