Miguel Ángel de Lira Rodríguez

León, Guanajuato, MX

I'm always interested to know and learn. As a child disarmed my motorized toys to understand why they moved, and I had more fun doing that than playing with them in a "normal way".

I worked as a full time research professor in information technology at two major universities and in one of them, I got some major changes in the area focused coordinated cooperative working method of my dependents. My desire to progress and learn more, as well as a major disappointment by way of being and doing things to many people I met, I did migrate to other horizons, now my main job is in software quality in a major financial consultant. I love my job. As a hobby I love too go beyond the conventional, normal and expected in the things I do. A good friend told me «you are a pioneer of paradigms».

I'm a huge fan of solve problems, probability & statistics, agile & lean software development, kanban, code reviews, pair programming, knowledge sharing, awesome standup meetings, beautiful typography, lightweight user experience, data [mining|analysis|visualization], workflow optimization, getting things done, SCRUM, simplicity, distributed version control, feature branches, unbureaucratic issue tracking, understand and convert PSP, TSP and CMMI into scope of agile and much more.

Researcher in software engineering; expert in CMMI, TSP & PSP.

The results of my leadership are based to 100% in taking advantage of the resources with which I have. The success of my subordinates is my success. Now I am looked towards the solutions based on ubiquitous computing, BigData, NoSQL, Hadoop, Mahout, real time web and UX.

  • Work
    • AI based software estimation
  • Education
    • Master of Science in Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Computing