Angel Meet

We live in hearts...

It is tough to start and introduce ourself. Actually I am not one person. We are two, the real soul mates. We planned to share our Journey of 9 awesome years with the world.

I know, our story might not be that interesting, but I am sure that you will die laughing after reading it.

So..... I am Meet, and the love of my life is Angel. This is how you will know us. I am a guy with the attitude and roughness, while Angel is as soft as a snow flake and as sweet as chocolate.

We have together faced good and bad times and the best part was, abiding every condition we are still together and so I think that this makes my story unique. Several people tried to set us apart and their were many conditions which really broke us. But all this made us strong and our bond even stronger.

We will share everything including our fun time, happy time, our mistakes, our sorrows, joys and everything which happened with us.

We would also appreciate if you can join hands with us and will share your story too. Some day probably in this life time we will meet and can then see that the world is beautiful when you hold the hands of your beloved...

Keep Loving.. :)