Angel O'Fire

Queensland Australia

I am a 36 year old mother, lover, friend, employer and regular girl just like any other, doing my best to understand life as i walk the same journey as we all walk.

I have lived and learned, I have made mistakes and taken risks that often did not work out the way I had planned yet somehow I have found my way back from the dead end street and onto the highway of life.

I believe in fate and destiny and am unable to say I believe in one god per-say, as religion really does not interest me however each to their own.

Although I may be opinionated, I respect opinions of other's and have strong values and views when it comes to life itself.

Not one to back away from confrontation, I will and do stand my ground on issues I believe strongly in, however I prefer to live a life that flows as opposed to one that is filled with silly issues that at the end of the day are irrelevant.

I say it how I see it, which often offends others, however I accept that not everybody views things through the same eyes I do.

I consider myself to be fair, friendly (for the most part) open and honest and simply expect the same from others.

  • Work
    • Choices Australia Inc
  • Education
    • PHD Social Work and Physcology