This is for positive- positive energy, encouragement, and a positive outlook on life- THIS IS A BS FREE ZONE-no negatives here thank you

I am a photographer, web designer, code specialist, graphic artist, musician, creative Jill of all trades, I dont just seek skills , i seek to MASTER them, I work hard to constantly improve and expand and grow

I am most proud of by children they are my inspiration do always seek to do morw ans be more each day

I am proud of my work in the ancer community, I am a WARRIOR MOM- MY SONS ARE WARRIORS & are rasied to be such!

I know recent attacks on me are supposed to make me mad,you fail, Sun Tzu teaches us that attacks only come when you are making and impact, and effect, when you are doing something important, when you are powerful and relevant, so thank you for all the attacks, you just showed me - one again that I am relevant,important, a force of change, and that I am powerful-THANKS!

Be counted among those who live as though each day is the last.Love your loved ones as if you will never see them again, laugh as if it is your last laugh. LIVE FULLY, DEEPLY,TRULY,HOPEFULLY,JOYFULLY WITHOUT RESERVATION OR HESITATION.

I spit Fire straight from the heart with no chaser, and no filter