President/CEO/Artist Shamar' Angel West' Addison

Artist, Student, and Writer in Virginia

President/CEO/Artist Shamar' Angel West' Addison

Artist, Student, and Writer in Virginia

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Shamar “Angel West” Addison

President/CEO of Money$LifeWorld Wide LLC.


Shamar (Angel West) Addison was born in the Bronx, New York. At a young age, his family relocated to Harlem (New York, New York) where he lived out his childhood. He attended Park West High School, and received his General Education High School Diploma. However, Shamar endeavors to go to undergraduate school and receive a college degree.

Shamar recognizes the importance of staying fit. To this end, he works out and exercises regularly. He also enjoys attending sporting events. His favorite sports teams are the Giants, Yankees, Knicks, Rangers and the Broncos. Other interests are travelling, reading, and even shopping. Most important, however, is his intense fascination with poetry and music. He has a pungent ear for what sounds are catchy and likeable, and his desire therefore is to own and pursue his own record label.

Shamar was raised by a single parent—his mother—as his father was missing from his life. She raised him to be a Christian, to know the Lord and stressed the importance of taking responsibility for your actions. She also emphasized that, in order to receive God’s blessings, you have to be a blessing to others. In addition to his mother, many of his mentors and teachers were also raised without their fathers. Thus, Shamar became determined to play a significant role in the lives of his children and to be a strong presence in their lives.

Shamar has a deep-seated desire to assist his struggling mother with raising his five siblings. Because of this and his passion to provide his kids with a better life, he puts 100% of himself into his endeavors. Thus, in 2009, he was nominated for the Underground Music Awards at BB Kings.

Recognizing that owning your own business entails more than simply knowing what’s “hot,” Shamar has made it his goal to study and comprehend the business aspect of owning a record label as well. Undoubtedly, his driving passion has come to fruition.

It has passed that his hard work paid off because not only he released his first album in 2013 he started expanding.

And his new album is slated to b released In May 2016 in addition to all of those accomplishments he just started his clothing lines a management firm and sneaker line may be in the works as well, branding all of his companies into one dynamic entertainment franchise that will have a major impact in the world we live In.

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