Ángel Michael Rojas

Los Angeles CA


ÁNGEL MICHAEL ROJAS, global citizen serving as an Artist, Healer, Social Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Online & Offline Marketing Creator..

15 year career providing Business Development and Marketing expertise to Fortune 500 corporations, based on formal education in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Marketing.

8 year of service to individuals and organizations, serving homeless veterans, abused women, preservation of indigenous traditions, individuals seeking mental and emotional guidance and individuals returning from incarceration, through Deep Breath Ahhh

Michael uses his extensive education and training in holistic healing and transformative personal development modalities in his own daily practice as well as in his community building and professional work. For example, he maintains a personal dream journal and also leads a Community Dream Circle. Long-term regular practice of Shamanic Journey provides a strong foundation for guiding others in developing their own practice. Within the day, Ángel creates space for moments of silence and invites others to join in Midday Soul Snack.

Many of the practices are rooted in ancient wisdom and earth knowledge. Michael offers Drumbeat of Life workshops in which participants create their own hand drums, incorporating the traditional practices of honoring the beings who have provided the materials and connecting with the pulse of the heart and the earth through drumming.

Drawing on his corporate experience in business development and marketing, ángel Michael supports holistic organizations and professionals with business consulting and technical assistance: re-engineering an existing business with a client or establishing a new business, creating online and offline marketing collateral including website design and maintenance, marketing campaigns, branding, social marketing,