Ángela Arenzana Pérez

DG TRAD, European Parliament

Ángela Arenzana Pérez

DG TRAD, European Parliament


I'm a professional Spanish translator and proofreader specialized in literary and audiovisual translation.

I am also a sworn translator (appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreing Affairs and Cooperation since 2010) so I have experience in the field of sworn-translation from French into Spanish (translating official documents, especially administration and education related, such as birth certificates, academic records, diplomas...)

I have worked as a translator from French into Spanish for an international sales company in Paris but, at the moment, I work at the DG TRAD of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, translating from English, French and Italian into Spanish.

As a freelancer, I have also translated several books (from english and italian).

I have a Degree in Translation and Interpretation (FR,EN,IT - ES) from the University of Salamaca (2009) and a Master Degree in Audiovisual Translation (FR,EN,IT - ES) from the University of Cadix (2011).

I am also a Spanish Sign Language Interpreter. I studied Spanish Sign Language for 4 years and became an SSL Interpreter in 2013 when I had my Degree First Class Honours at the IES Santa Clara in Santander, Spain.

I have worked, studied and lived in several countries: Sheffield (England), Marseille, Bretagne and Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Luxembourg and, of course, in Spain. I love travelling, I am crazy about languages (rigth now I'm learnig greek and turkish as well) and I am a bookworm.

But the most important thing is that I am passionate about my job and I'm good at it!

If you want to know more about me, I invite you to take a look at my website.

Thanks for visiting!

  • Work
    • Showroomprivé.com
  • Education
    • Degree in Translation and Interpreting, University of Salamanca
    • Master Degree in Audiovisual Translation, University of Cádiz
    • Degree in Spanish Sign Language Interpreting, IES Santa Clara