Angela Boratko

Welcome to my Personal Page!

I am a third year educator at the Watkinson School in Hartford, CT teaching sixth and seventh grade Mathematics. In the independent school environment I have had the opportunity to gain access to various technologies for my classroom. I also have trust and guidance from my administration to integrate technology into my curriculum in any way I see fit!

I will be completing my Master's degree in Educational Technology from the University of Hartford in May 2013, and the culminating focus of my studies is the meaningful application of technology in the classroom to differentiate instruction and foster independent learners confident in their educational goals and needs.

This year, I have "Flipped" my classroom for the second consecutive year. By creating a series of video lectures my students arrive to class with the knowledge they need to apply new skills. I am also writing the text book for all three of my preps which is an ibook and will be availible in the Apple Store, Fall 2013. In addition, we have a one-to-one iPad enviornment, so we have gone completely paperless!

Despite dedicating my life to teaching, and studying the use of technology in education I am also a very busy bee! My (new) Husband and I have our hands full with our puppy girl, going for lots of hikes, and studying lots and lots of math!

I am branching out into presenting several types of professionaly development training for educators, including applicable use of technology, implementing iPads into the curriculum, and Flipping the classroom. Feel free to contact me for more info!

-Angela Boratko

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