Angela Corsi Leon


My career in communicaitons is my outlet to marry my love for creative storytelling and technology. I'm facinated by technology - not so much the circuts and codes part - but what it allows us to do, the human part. The way we connect, entertain, work, learn, essentially the way we live - it is constantly evolving as a result of technology. I love that my career gives me the opportunity to meet and learn form the geniuses creating these technologies and study technology's effects on human behavior and cutlure.

I also have the pesky little ambition to leave a meaningful mark on the world. Pesky becuase I havent figured out just what that is yet, but that's all part of the fun.

I'm the wife of my high school sweetheart and the most incredible person I know, and mother to two amazing young daughters with infectous smiles and unending curiosity.

I was an accidental beauty queen in my former life - I've since eased up on the hairspray but the sky-high stilletos are here to stay. I love vinyassa yoga and pilates but don't get the chance to practice as often as I should. I'm terrified of monkeys. (seriously.)

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