Àngela Cortés

Well, my name is Angela, I´m 25 years old and ready to improve the knowledge acquired during my years at university. I´m currently studying a master in cultural mangement ans I've finished a master in secondary education and teaching in Valencia. I´m proud to say that I´m a hardworking person full of expectations and eager to start a new experience in my professional life.
I attended the university of Valencia from 2006 to 2009 and I graduated with a degree in tourism.
In my spare time music is one of my favourite activities. I`m into music, any kind of music but specially that of my own country. Weell, I`m a musician myself, I mean, I play the clarinet and I used to attend music lessons years ago but I had to quit. I`m used to going to concerts both with my friends and my famuly. I also like reading and though I`m not specially keen on any particular sort of books, if I had to choose I`d say that I prefer books that are real food for thought. I`ve read works by Baricco, Murakami, Stieg Larsson and things like that. Going to the cinema is also one of my favourite activities. I`m used to seeing both modern and classical pictures and though it might sound old_fashioned going to the cinema at weekends is still an amazing experience for me.
I was brought up in the country side and trekking, rock climbing and open air activities are an important part of my life. Nature has become one of my main concerns and though travelling is very important in my life too It`s been years since I`ve interested and making projects to try and solve the conflict Tourism and the respect for nature. I fel they can both go together and I`m trying to think of offers which include both enjoyment, the respect for nature and of course, business but NOT AT ANY PRICE.