Angela E. Arndt, Ph.D.

Rising Sun, Indiana

My mission is to create access equity in technology, sociology, and education by creating opportunities for those outside traditional educational.

My work is writing, teaching, consulting, and running my business. I am certified in program assessment and evaluation. A great deal of my focus is on empowering the elders in our society to use computers with ease and productivity. As an academic, my areas are digital learning in community contexts and access equity in education. I work to increase opportunities for women in technology and to increase learning for those outside traditional educational systems. The domains my work resides are community informatics, multiple forms of literacy learning, evaluation studies, and the social aspects of educational studies.

My students are seniors learning computing. On-line, I teach early childhood educators learning about the social, cultural, and psychological aspects of teaching and learning. Teaching brings me great joy and creating opportunities lights up my life.

My mission, my joy, and my lights guide my life.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. in Human Learning and Development