Angela Fanton


Hello, I’m a photographer based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland. I provide trend-forward photographic art that is suited to professionals within the industries of interior design, hotel and hospitality and healthcare/wellness as well as photographic prints for beautiful homes. I have been shooting and selling images - licensing via Getty Images and print-on-demand websites such as Society6 - since 2011 and the success of this prompted the launch of my own website earlier in 2014. My style is broadly expressionistic - soft and dreamy - and you will find many intentionally blurred, abstract images in the collections on my website.

Additionally, I sell digital overlays for photographers (indeed, all creative people) under the name LetteraEtc. These are inspirational quotations and popular phrases which I hand-draw using a pen and ink or watercolour brush.

I have a background stretching back 20 years in the publishing and advertising industries, working in and managing creative and production departments in the UK, where I am currently based and in the Middle East, where I lived for 15 years. I have also been employed as an Editor and freelance writer for magazines in the UK and the UAE.

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