Angela J. Shirley


Virtual & On-Site Assistant
Whatever Needs To Be Done, Inc.


I do NOT charge a fee for my services, clients DONATE what they can afford through PayPal. ALL currencies accepted. Donation is done after your project is COMPLETED! I will travel WORLDWIDE if room and board are included (USA passport). Available for projects 7 days a week, 24 hours a day including ALL holidays.

Clients receive a report of traffic that has been sent to their site due to my efforts (Google URL Tracker & Excel Spreadsheet).

I have listed some suggested services below. I am open to any other services my clients may need & love learning NEW things. Whatever you need done, I can do it!

I would be your "Content Creator" (can edit the page, send messages, create posts, create ads and view insights). You would set this up under your Facebook Admin Roles.

*Office Support
Anything you need in order to make your office run efficiently!

I promote people, books & services.

What do you need to know? I can find the answer for you.

I can improve your Google Ranking.

Have a problem? I can solve it for you.

I will retweet and/or create tweets for you. My tweets send traffic to your website.