Angela Kihara

Consultant, Project Manager, and Writer in Nairobi County, Kenya

Angela Kihara

Consultant, Project Manager, and Writer in Nairobi County, Kenya

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Hello my friend,

I am Angela Kihara, known to some as The Utopian Fantasy, *insert firm e-handshake*.

Welcome to my neck of the woods...
A little about myself...

I am an artsy geek.. with a loving for pencil sketching and poetry. especially those influenced by African roots and childhood memories.

Poetry, to me is a language, a way of telling the world of the ups and downs of life, that I love on a bunch of levels ranging from reading to reciting to writing. I have written quite a number and share them on my writing space.

As a contemporary poet in Africa,I look for inspiration from experiences and a number of well known poets like Maya Angelou and Warsan Shire.

I love to write, Although I may struggle with the occasional writer's block, I run a blog. On my blog, I tell of life on a personal level. I speak on matters relationships and health; my take on love as a young person and the challenges that come with it. Once in a while, I may quip on other issues such as politics, health and the current issues globally.

Books have been in my blood forever. Having been brought up by the world's best mother who doubles as a book-junkie, the love of books was simply family tradition. I enjoy contemporary African writers such as Chimamanda Adichie, Wole Soyinka and other authors such as Paulo Coelho and Ken Follet. My book tastes range from African folklore, mystery and the occasional romance. Follow my reading on Goodreads and search for #BookNookKe and #CoffeeWithAristotle on social.

Family is everything to me and is not necessarily biological. Experiences shared with them, have helped make me me. The people with whom I have created memories with in terms of love, fashion and business have left an imprint in my life, for such experiences I am forever grateful.

Professionally, I have a degree in BBIT from Strathmore University with an expertise in software and website creation. Together with a couple of friends, we run an IT Consultancy firm called 1809 LTD-funny story there. I am currently pursuing a second degree in Law at Riara University, Nairobi.

Other skills under my belt are event organising and management for art shows around Nairobi. I have an inclination to the arts with a liking specifically for music and other visual arts..

Hop on board and share with me my ongoing joys, adventures, trials and experiences.

  • Work
    • Corporate Relations and Finance, 1809 LTD.
  • Education
    • BBIT, Strathmore University