Angela Mutum MBACP

Counsellor in England, United Kingdom

Anxious, stressed or simply ill-at-ease with your life? You may feel that your are struggling to survive when what you really want is to thrive. Counselling can help you to start living more fully.

I am a Gestalt counsellor based in North London.

As a lawyer for over 25 years, I became skilled in helping clients to clarify realistic objectives for themselves and in facilitating their progress towards them. As a counsellor, I provide a non-judgemental setting in which to support individuals who need to navigate similar processes in their personal lives, perhaps in response to feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.

Perhaps you are doubting the wisdom of some of the choices which you have made in life and would like to talk to someone about what you can do to adjust those choices to suit who you really are.

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