Angela Nickoli

In addition to my full time job as an assistant professor of criminal justice, I'm also a part-time Creative Memories consultant (I know, they don't go together do they?) However, I have found that both of them do a really good job of helping me keep my sanity and, more importantly, my sense of humor.

When my husband and I were married, almost 20 years ago, the best piece of advice that we received was: the relationship with each other is first, everything else is second. Fortunately for us, this has been our montra for almost 20 years and we can honestly say that we STILL have fun together. We have two amazing kids, but isn't everyones kids amazing? My daughter is a freshman in her first year of college and I can honestly say that I've survived it pretty well. My son is a sophomore in high school and I'm already dreading the driving years to come. Needless to say, there will be plenty of illustrations and techniques using my family as an example.

During the fall months, don't be surprised if you see plenty of photos and layouts centered on football, specifically Michigan football. Although we live in Indiana, I was born and raised a Michigan Wolverine football fan. Every fall, my husband and I make a few games in the big house. So, as you can imagine, we have plenty of pictures and scrapbook pages hanging in our house. This spring, I'm sure you will see plenty of photos of my daughter's high school graduation and open house festivities. (Ugghhhh, where does the time go?)

Hopefully, you learn a little more about documenting those important, and maybe not so important, times in your life. And, maybe laugh a little!