Angela Parker

The challenge of change invigorates me. Show me something that's not working and I will pinpoint the problems and help you implement the best solution. Change is hard, but it's how we transform obstacles into opportunities. This understanding is what kept me motivated for over 10 years while developing programs for at-risk youth, managing volunteers, and leading disaster-relief efforts. It is in these marginalized places in society that I experience the beauty of humanity – and the systemic errors of society. Both realities empower me to process who, what, and how those errors can be addressed. Eventually, this is what led to my role in co-founding Realized Worth.

Building Realized Worth has proved to be the most invigorating challenge yet. Corporations are full of people who long for meaning and autonomy in their lives, on both a personal and professional level. Through the work we do, companies can offer those values to their employees while simultaneously addressing the negative patterns of society. It's a lot of work, but there's nothing that energizes me more.

I never quite feel like I've learned enough, so I spend a lot of time reading and writing and speaking about these issues. Some fun recent articles? A Call for Volunteers in CW Magazine and Harnessing Social Media to Advance Your EVP and CSR Efforts

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, live near family in Indianapolis, and indulge whenever I can in live music outdoors with a mild cigar.