Angela Dawn Wright

Artist, Video maker, and Social Media Manager in Ipswich, United Kingdom

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Shhhh, okay, I admit it, I am an artist! I am also known as LaLa.

My practice is based around admitting or may be not admitting something, it may be a confessional and physical, socially engaged way.

You can view my portfolio on my website:

In the Proposal To Admit I create Cake Fights, Confessions and situations to challenge our inner need to.. Admit it... it is hard to do isn't it? I share and offer an invite for others to share their experience with my art work. I have many disabilities and one the main one, I admit, is mental illness. Currently confessing on

..and on youtube.

There is something important to me, that everyday is a celebration, and the best thing to do is share. I dare you to Share! mwah Angela x

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