Angela Briscoe

Teacher, Writer, and Mother in California

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My name is Angela Briscoe. I am a wellness advocate at Doterra International. My passions lie in teaching proper nutrition, spreading awareness about the contaminants in our mass produced food supply and practicing, as well as promoting, alternative medicine. I am actively posting on my Facebook page, Empowered People ( which I created to educate and empower individuals and families to take control of their healthcare. I am currently working with DōTERRA International as a Wellness Advocate. DōTERRA sources Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade essential oils from all over the world and has set the standard for purity and potency. For further education about the health benefits of essential oils please email me and we can connect. Please feel free to contact me for a free wellness consultation. I specialize in working with you to accomplish your individual health goals. I also provide training on how to become a Wellness Advocate in your own home and community. DōTERRA not only distributes some of the most pure and potent natural medicine in the world, but the company also has created one of the highest paying compensation plans to help families and individuals create financial freedom in their lives so they can give even more back to the world; I am working towards this freedom so that I can fulfil my dream to revolutionize healthcare in the United States and beyond. Helping you become the healthiest and happiest person you were meant to be is MY PASSION and finding lasting happiness truly starts with your health. My life philosophy is to live everyday making each decision and action rooted in love. This takes practice, but can be mastered. I believe managing my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis and keeping them at a high vibrational level can truly bring about a happy, fulfilled, inspired and love-filled life. I make it a daily goal to do this and leave a footprint behind that loves, heals and inspires every place and every heart that it touches. Let's connect if you want to become a part of this mission!

Thank you! Love ya'll!

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

-Mahatma Gandhi

  • Work
    • Wellness Advocate at Doterra International
  • Education
    • 2 Years of College
    • University of Louisiana at Lafayette