Angela Jones

I facilitate placements for all 50 states!

I am a recruiter who spends 100% of my time working with heavy & compact construction, mining, and forestry equipment dealerships facilitating placements for:
Parts Managers
Service Managers
Service Writers
Warranty Administrators
Territory Sales Reps
Sales Managers
Product Support Sales Reps (PSSR’s)
Product Support Managers
General, Branch, District, and Regional Managers
Director and Executive Levels of Management
T3 Recruiting specializes in placing people in the Heavy Equipment, Material Handling, Agricultural Equipment and Diesel Engine Industries

I have an exceptional record of confidential placement searches on both the company and candidate level. I am aware of the extreme need for cautiousness and discreetness associated with these placements. It is not uncommon to place a position before it is ever posted or made public.

There is NEVER a charge to candidates for their job search.
I am 100% contingent upon hire, which means that I strive to find the most qualified candidates possible to fill your critical needs.

IF YOU ARE A CANDIDATE THINKING ABOUT USING A RECRUITER READ THIS NOW: There are very few industry specific recruiters out there. Most of us are awesome, some are not. When choosing who you would like to represent you, make sure your resume and contact information is placed in good hands. A reputable recruiter will never send your resume to a company without first discussing the specific opportunity with you first. If you talk to a recruiter and they will not guarantee you that they will not mass email your resume to industry insiders, do not provide them your resume. This industry is one where there are unknown relationships at every corner. I would never jeopardize an existing business relationship between you and your current employer for a future potential employment relationship. As an industry specific recruiter, I respect these relationships and your career too much to randomly send your information to strangers.

  • Work
    • T3 Recruiters - St. Louis, MO
  • Education
    • MBA from Lindenwood University