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I love writing, and I wrote a book entitled: "Poetry and Creative Writings" by Angela Lacey, also a book entitled "The London Times" on Amazon and on Trafford. My writings can also be seen on my blog at and on Facebook, FB The Upbuilders, Doccler, and on


I am active with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin. Join me online as well?

I am on:

Facebook: Angela Lacey

Twitter: Imng2

Linkedin: Angela Lacey

I take writing courses online to improve my writing. I became a published author in 2015.

I study French and Turkish, but am on hiatus from this for the moment.

I am a mom of a grown son, of whom, I am tremendously proud.

My five most favorite things in the world are my son, writing, chocolate, and the color Purple, and a beautiful soul.

If you would like to see some of my poems, please stop over to my poetry blog at on at:

Also, a book of my poetry book is now available on in paperback, as well as Amazon in paperback and downloadable e-book format.

As a survivor of Hydrocephalus, I blog for the Hydrocephalus Assoc, but my love of writing has pushed me onward to write and produce a host of poems and other fictional works.

Keep your eye out for more books shortly, they will contain my middle initial as well, for the sake of clarification of identity.

Thank you,

Angela K. Lacey

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