Angela Tarantula

I am a Washington D.C. based Web Designer and Illustrator. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Arts and Animation in 2006. Since graduating I've designed and developed websites and graphic work for companies such as: Intuit, The Foundry, Vovici and The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, along with freelance projects. Currently, I work as a web designer/developer for one of the largest educational institutions in the metro area.

I am magnetically drawn to art through emotional expression. Every creation has a certain energy about it. I enjoy the melancholic qualities of dark art. I'm particularly fond of satire and I'm completely fascinated by the vibrant colors of retro-futurism, and the provoking thought of surrealistic fantasy art. I adore classic cheesecake pinup art for it's ability to portray innocence and endearing humor in a time of chaos and war.

Minimalism is a simplified idea presented in a practical way. I appreciate bare elemental design for it's ability to impact it's viewer in a very strategic and unobstructed manner. My interests run the gamut from highly detailed works of art to intelligible abstract design. I'm constantly inspired by the world around me and by other artists. I draw inspiration from nature, old literature, gaming books, vintage albums and posters, science fiction, classic monster movies and the rainbow. I love color. I love art.

I'm also an avid reader and writer. I love being able to express myself in written word and the ability to share the knowledge I've gained with others. It's not only an informative outlet, but a creative one too. But the one thing I'm super passionate about it music. When I was younger, there always seemed to be this stigma in school. You were only allowed to choose one creative class each quarter and of course I'd always choose art. But secretly down inside, I also wanted to be involved in music too. It was always a choice between going the route of art vs. music. I never thought that was a very fair option. Why couldn't we have more than one choice? Now, I'm exploring the realm of music. It's fascinating and one day I'll share with you my musical creations with you!

Live art, breathe art, be art.

Angela Tarantula