Angela Tiki

Consultant, Writer, and Life Coach in Ελλάδα

Hello! I’m Angela Tiki. Thank you for visiting my page.

I am a Greek consultant-astrologer based in Athens. One of the things I love most is to help people find happiness in their lives, be successfull, master their destiny and fulfill their purpose. After all, we were born to be HAPPY!

I teach astrology, I lecture all over the world and share my articles on my website, the Career Astrologer Magazine and the I.A.M magazine.

I have presented the weekly astrological trends on a TV show for the period 2014-15 and have several other onscreen appearances ever since.

Since 2016 I am serving as the Greek satellite for OPA the org. for professional Astrology. You can find me on Facebook and YouTube channel.

You can book a consultation with a click on the button above. Thanks to internet and technology there are no borders between us.

I will be more than happy to help and guide you!!!

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