Angela Stanton,PhD.

Public Speaker, Writer, and Doctor in Anaheim, California

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Founder of Stanton Migraine Protocol® and Author of Fighting the Migraine Epidemic and many other books sold worldwide. Odd combination of a person I make. But the mix fits. I am a scientist because I wanted to leave no stone unturned and no sick people left behind. I am an activist to wake people up and take charge of their health. I want medicines to be a last resort when all else fails! I am an author for showing the stones I turned to help the sick to heal. I am also a mathematician... so no, you cannot fool me either! :) Plus a mom of two and a wife of a wonderful man so you really need to try hard to fool me! Find all my books at amazon and comment on my pages or shoot a message by twitter. If you have a story to tell, I will write it!

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