Angela Brose

Student, Mother, and Nanny in Antioch, Illinois

Work out with me

My name is Angela Brose and I am happily married to my wonderful husband of 18 years. I have two amazing children ( 13&18) who have brought more joy, happiness, frustration with a little added sass to my life, more than I thought possible. Professionally, I work as a nanny and have been for 17 years for multiple families. My favorite thing about my position, is watching and help guide children to learn, love and grow like they were my own. I have been a student for many years and feel I'm on the 10 year plan. I've had a lot of obstacles in my way and keep pushing through. My goal is to work on obtaining a degree continuing to work with children with hopes of working as an occupational therapist. I love cooking and creating healthy meals, all things coffee and set a goal to work out 5/7 days of the week. My family loves soccer and both my children keep us busy with their sports schedules.