Angela Morente Cheng

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, I worked at a technology investment fund. While tracing how the Japan earthquake and Thailand floods impacted computer supply chains, with factory closures driving price increases and delays due to a highly interconnected system with a just in time supply chain, I became convinced of the urgent need to implement sustainable solutions. As a junior analyst, I championed ideas resulting in profitable investments supporting technologies such as SSDs, LEDs and chip scale atomic clocks for the smart grid.

I organized disaster relief in the Philippines after earthquakes, mudslides, and typhoons through STAC - Silicon Valley. In a resource constrained environment, we accelerated companies that create light from salt water, install sensors in fisheries, and add mobile payments to non-smartphones. With Blue Can Emergency Water, I work with Schools, Hospitals, Cities, and the Government on their preparedness strategies for water. We worked with some of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities in 2014 such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, and are eager to help address challenges globally, such as drought, flood, wildfires, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

***Education: Stanford '09, Physics (Economics); Singularity University GSP '14, Environment (Space). Through Blue Can, a CleanTech Open Semifinalist, Angela aspires to prepare communities for disasters and prevent plastic waste from entering the oceans. She started her career at Agilent, NASA, and Sandia Labs before joining a technology investment fund in Silicon Valley specializing in semiconductors, network infrastructure, cloud computing, and information security. During her degree at Stanford University, she researched nanotechnology, computational physics, ancient astronomy, virtual reality, and patent law.