Angela Craciun

Angela Craciun is passionate about the culture.

She is the President of Fondation Andre Malraux - establishing at Chateau de la Huardière, Sully-sur-Loire, France - an international center of cultural events under the name of "Villa André Malraux" a brand INPI registrated on both names of Florence Malraux, daughter of André Malraux.

A convention was signed by Irina Antonova, President of Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts from Moscow and Angela Craciun, President of Fondation André Malraux to organize under the Patronage of UNESCO a exhibition which pays tribute to the former Frech Minister's fervent commitment to culture.

An international scientist, Angela Craciun received her Doctorate in Mineralogy from the Technical University of Petrosani in Romania. She studied business in Japan and mining in Russia and France, and she speaks several languages fluently. Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and honorary member of the Association Les Amis de la France, Angela Craciun also enjoys antiques, patronizes the arts.

Angela Craciun is the President of the World Mineralogy Organization /Organisation Mondiale de Mineralogie - , a Monaco-based scientific association. As the face of the organization, she hosts meetings and participates in seminars, debates, and conferences. Angela Craciun supports leading scientists and assists in collaboration among worldwide universities. Angela Craciun also presents medals granted by Prince Rainier III and Prince Albert I on behalf of the organization. Angela Craciun is a recipient of several excellency medals, including the Professor Rzhevsky Award from Moscow State Mining University for her involvement in the international cooperation.